How to switch your cPanel Theme to Paper Lantern

In this tutorial:


With freehostgate Hosting, you have the ability to change the theme of your cPanel. This adds a custom touch to your cPanel interface, that you may find more aesthetically pleasing. In this tutorial, we will show you how to switch your cPanel theme to Paper Lantern. Then, we will show you how to switch back to the default x3 cPanel theme.

How to Switch to Paper Lantern

    1. Login to cPanel.
    2. You will see a Switch Theme option on the top of the page. Click the drop-downbox to list your theme options.
      Change cPanel Theme
    3. Click the paper_lantern option.
      Select paper_lantern cPanel Style

      You will then see your cPanel theme displayed as paper_lantern.
      Example of Paper Lantern cPanel

How to Switch back to default x3 theme

    1. Login to cPanel.
    2. Click the drop-down box below the Switch Theme option (on the top left).
      Switch Theme
    3. Select the x3 option from the drop-down list.
      Click x3 option

      Your cPanel theme will then be switched back to the default x3 theme.
      Example of x3 template

Congratulations, now you know how to change your cPanel theme to Paper Lantern, and back to the default x3 theme!

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